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Here you can quickly find an overview of available resources to support you on your path of living a life connected to the heart and in freedom.

All events are guided and led by José Antonio Manchado unless stated otherwise.  

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Amsterdam: June 3rd, Oneness Sound Healing Circle
Amsterdam: June 4th, Dharma Shamanic Sytem I
Amsterdam: June 9th, Extraordinary Massive Group Healing
Almere: June 11th, Dharma Shamanic Sytem III* (by invitation only)

* If you've already done DSS II you'll receive an email invitation to participate. If you've already done DSS III you'll receive an invitation to observe.

events & courses: live online

June 25th, Satsang, Meditation & Blessings

events & courses: home study (start now!)

Meditation course - A year of freedom: awake & conscious
Meditation course - Activating the Buddha seeds of awakening in your heart
Intensive course - The Art of Letting Go of Control
Powerful Inner Child healing practice
Singing bowls mastery


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