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Here you can quickly find an overview of available resources to support you on your path of living a life connected to the heart and in freedom.

All events are guided and led by José Antonio Manchado unless stated otherwise.  


At this time we're planning for these events to occur and will notify you if there’s a change in schedule.

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September 24th, Massive Oneness Healing Experience
save-the-date: start October 19th, 2 months Wake-up Call Deep Dive course (in Dutch with Heidi & Iris)
October 22nd, Satsang, Meditation & Blessings

events & courses: in-person

Amsterdam: September 30th, Taste and Demonstration of Dharma Shamanic System + healing by students
Amsterdam: October 1st, Rigpa Energetic Healing II*

* If you've already done REH I you'll have received an email invitation to participate. If you've already done REH II you'll have received an invitation to observe.

Amsterdam: October 4th, Energetic Gong Bath
Amsterdam: October 6th, Extraordinary Massive Group Healing
Amsterdam: October 8th, Dharma Shamanic Sytem I

* If you've already done DSS I you'll have received an email invitation to observe.

Hilversum: starting November 18th, Reiki Usui Mastership by Heidi & Iris

* If you're eligible to join this Mastership you'll have received an invitation to join. If not, please let us know via email. 

Hilversum: November 19th, Reiki Usui I by Heidi & Iris
Hilversum: March 3rd, Reiki Usui II by Heidi & Iris
save-the-date: Gran Canaria: April 2024, Silent Retreat

events & courses: home study (start now!)

Meditation course - A year of freedom: awake & conscious
Meditation course - Activating the Buddha seeds of awakening in your heart
Intensive course - The Art of Letting Go of Control
Practice - Powerful Inner Child healing practice
Course - Singing bowls mastery


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