Mundo Armonia

Sharing energetic teachings for inner peace and happiness

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What is Mundo Armonia?


Mundo Armonia is Spanish and means 'world in harmony'. 

José Antonio Manchado created project Mundo Armonía to bring the value of peace and happiness to the world and all beings without any exception.

During events, seminars, courses and retreats José shares wisdom and practices to connect with the heart and to enjoy a life in freedom just like his Masters taught him.

More about José Antonio Manchado

Start your Singing Bowls Mastery course today

Enjoy the power of vibration and master the Tibetan bowls in a comfortable way: online and at your own pace. 

Singing Bowls Mastery

Learn to create healing vibrations. 

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Experience & receive healing energy

Be part of a setting in which you'll experience and receive healing energy. 

Fear Liberation

Free yourself from limiting fears.

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Group Healing

Open yourself to receive healing.

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Oneness Sound Healing Circle

Meditation and healing vibrations. 

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Learn to use energetic healing yourself 

In these seminars you'll learn to practice different modalities of energetic healing on yourself and others.

Rigpa Energetic Healing

Learn to use this ancient Tibetan energetic system. 

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Dharma Shamanic System

Learn to use this powerful energetic system. 

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Reiki Usui 

Learn to project healing energy to yourself and others. 

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Dive deeper: weekend courses and retreats

Spend a full weekend to (un)learn, with sound, meditation, and more conscious practices and energetic tools. They're yours for the rest of your life!

Conscious Therapist

Learn to heal yourself and others from the heart.

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Learn to use this energetic system. 

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