September 22nd: live online with José!
Activating Buddha Seeds online course

Mundo Armonia

Sharing energetic teachings for inner peace and happiness

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What is Mundo Armonia?


Mundo Armonia is Spanish and means 'world in harmony'. 

José Antonio Manchado created project Mundo Armonía to bring the value of peace and happiness to the world and all beings without any exception.

More about José Antonio Manchado

Welcome to Mundo Armonia


Where José Antonio Manchado shares wisdom and practices to connect with the heart and to enjoy a life in freedom just like his Masters taught him.

Dive into this journey of (un)learning through events, seminars, both in-person and online courses, and retreats.

Practices and courses you can start right now

One-year home Study course in meditation and transformative practices

Be guided by José Antonio Manchado and dedicate yourself to practicing daily.

In this course you'll be able to learn how to live a truly conscious, free and peaceful life. 

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Intensive 12 hour home-study meditation course 


Activating the Buddha Seeds of Awakening in Your Heart.

To start living in the oneness field of the heart.

Both for beginners as well as for more advanced students who want to start meditating with a solid, effective and undistracted foundation.

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Intensive 6 hour home-study course 


The Art of Letting Go of Control.

An intensive home-study course to start living without fear and with total confidence and flow. 

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an advanced student, this course is for you.

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Intensive 6 hour home-study course


An intensive live online course to experience and explore lucid dreams and to learn how to live in a truly lucid way.

Discover in this simple course how to start freeing yourself from all the traps and live in a free and lucid way. 


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Powerful Inner Child healing practice


With this practice you’ll take care of and listen to your inner child, and forgive your parents, or parent figures. 

By doing so, you'll allow yourself to let go of past (subconscious) hurt and be more free.

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Singing Bowls Mastery

Learn to create healing vibrations. 

Enjoy the power of vibration and master the Tibetan bowls in a comfortable way: online and at your own pace. 

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Upcoming online:

experience, learn & receive

Be part of a setting in which you'll experience and receive blessings and/or healing energy. 

Massive Oneness Healing Experience (online)

September 22nd 2024 - 20.30 - 21.30h CEST 

Open yourself to this wild and transformative experience of massive healing and subconscious deprogramming.

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Satsang, Meditation & Blessings (online) 

October 20th 2024 - 20 - 21.30h CEST

Conscious Wisdom to help you on your spiritual path. 

Simple and natural meditation practices guided by José Antonio Manchado.

And... there's room to ask questions from the heart.

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Learn to use energetic healing yourself 

In these seminars you'll learn to practice different modalities of energetic healing on yourself and others.

Rigpa Energetic Healing

Learn to use this ancient Tibetan energetic system. 

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Dharma Shamanic System

Learn to use this powerful energetic system. 

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Reiki Usui 

Learn to project healing energy to yourself and others. 

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Dive deeper in a retreat

Spend a full weekend to (un)learn, with sound, meditation, and more conscious practices and energetic tools. They're yours for the rest of your life!


Connect with nature and dive into inner peace in a silent meditation retreat. 

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