Wake-up Call!

Deep Dive Day 


... discover the opportunity in every situation. 

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Are you faced with a challenging situation?
'Challenging' can be in the form of dis-ease, discomfort, an accident, a break-up or other impactful situation.

Would you like to understand the message this challenge is giving you?

Would you like to change your perspective on the situation? 

Could you use some support in changing your habits or the behaviour that got you in this situation? 

Because you’re not the only one, José Antonio Manchado wrote the book ‘Are you ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness’ with the intention of helping others to gain wisdom from these challenges.

Now you can join José's long time assistants Heidi van Herpen and Iris van den Berg in this full day of practices and reflections from the book.  

This Deep Dive Day is an invitation for you to commit to yourself, your inner peace and your health.

And... be open to new experiences that can change your life. 

Are you willing to see and drop excuses to make real changes in your habits and health?

yes, let's drop them!

Wouldn't it be great if you… 


… could deepen the experience and the benefits of healing practices?  

... could understand what this challenging situation is bringing you? And see it as a big step on your healing path?

... could be open to the idea that this situation isn't here to stop you, but to bring you wisdom?  

… could experience a gateway to inner peace and new horizons?

Yes? Then, you're at the right place.

Join Heidi & Iris for the Wake-up Call! Deep Dive Day, with space for your questions, experiences and where we cheer you on for taking more conscious actions to enable living a life that's in tune with you!

Spending time on yourself is the first step to inner peace.

Who are Heidi van Herpen 

& Iris van den Berg?


Hi, we’re Heidi and Iris.

With the experience of 3 extensive Wake-up Call! online courses we love to guide you during this live Wake-up Call! Deep Dive Day. 

We like simplifying. Take you to your inner world. Bring you from your head to your heart. Experience more freedom and inner peace. Live from your heart.

Call us coaches or therapists. We like to introduce ourselves this way, we...

  • help ourselves and others to be free, healthy and happy
  • apply all energetic healing modalities Mundo Armonia offers with a smile in our heart
  • share conscious practices that we’ve experienced and learned from José Antonio Manchado ourselves 
  • know that it can be difficult to stay committed to yourself, your inner peace and your health, that’s why we enjoy supporting you with fun, love and compassion


The Wake-up Call! Deep Dive Day is based on:

⇢ José Antonio Manchado's book Are you ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness

 our years of experience with José Antonio Manchado, as students and assistants  

 our experience in guiding hundreds of clients in energetic healing in our own practices

wisdom gained from studies and conscious coaching courses we’ve completed

 our Mastership in Reiki Usui


We're sharing what has helped, and is helping us, in our experience. 

Throughout the day we'll discover together how you can bring yourself in line with who you really are.


We look forward to sharing more freedom and inner peace with lightness, enthusiasm and humour with you!

If being hard on yourself worked,

it would have worked by now.

~ Unknown

yes, I'd love to be gentler with myself

practical details


What will you receive in the programme?

» Simple conscious tools to help you help yourself and learn from any (challenging) situation

» Practices to integrate in your daily life to reawaken the more conscious and alive version of yourself 

» An engaged course day with practices, reflections and meditations led by Heidi van Herpen & Iris van den Berg

» An opportunity to ask questions and receive answers to your doubts and questions for your personal process

» Optional: recorded practices and meditations from the book Are you ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness in English or Dutch to support you on this path of self-discovery (also available in Spanish) 


When is it?

» This event will take place on Sunday July 17th from 11.00 till 18.00h. There’ll be a lunch break for about an hour. 

Where is it?

» The Wake-up Call! Deep Dive Day will take place at 'De Ruimte', Weesperzijde 79A Amsterdam. This location is easily accessible by public transport and car (note: with Amsterdam parking fees!).

How much is the exchange?

» The exchange for this Wake-up Call! Deep Dive Day is 75 euro. To pay on the day itself.


In which language is it?

» Depending on the participants, this day will be in English or Dutch. If it's in English and you're more comfortable speaking Dutch, that's totally fine.


Can anyone attend?

» Everyone is welcome. Whether you're having an illness, other symptoms, or none. 

» No previous experience is needed.

» Yet, we do ask for your willingness to be fully committed to your own well-being. Are you? Then you’ll get as much as possible out of this full day experience.

Do you accept this invitation to prioritise a commitment to yourself,

your inner peace

and your health?

yes, I fully accept this invitation

Do you have any questions before you want to sign-up? 

Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.


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Just email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

Don't believe anything we say, 

just experience it for yourself!


Are you ready?

Ready and open to have a new experience?  


Yes, I'm ready