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Inner Child healing practice

Take care of and listen to your inner child 

We all have an injured inner child inside of us, trying to get our attention.

These are children that, long ago, when they didn’t have any resources, weren’t loved in the way they needed to be loved, felt terribly alone, misunderstood, unsupported or unprotected.

If you’re not aware of this child, you can keep on experiencing its suffering today. 

With this practice you’ll take care of and listen to your inner child, and forgive your parents*.

Because there’s no inner peace when you’re (subconsciously) holding on to anger and resentment.

The power of forgiveness is the healing it causes in you, the one who forgives.

Forgiveness is not approving of the action. You forgive for yourself. You don’t do it for anyone else.

You free yourself by giving up suffering of the past. The other person doesn’t even have to be involved in, or be aware of this process. It's never too late to forgive, whether the person is alive or has passed away.  

Forgiving is healing.

By doing so, you'll allow yourself to let go of past (subconscious) hurt and be more free.


What's included in this powerful practice?

  • access to the 20 minute Powerful meditation and healing practice with your parents and Inner Child guided by José Antonio Manchado for 2 years**

  • an opportunity to do the practice as often as you wish

  • a different experience each time you'll practice, allowing you to heal deeper 

  • access to the practice on any device and via an app on your mobile phone

Looking after your inner child and heal its wounds, is a great recipe for experiencing more freedom in your life.

The practice is a live recording from  ‘A year of freedom: awake & conscious’, José' Antonio Manchado's intensive meditation course. 

**You’ll have access for 2 years to the material. This period starts at the moment of purchasing.


*Parents, caregivers, or the people who looked after you when you were a child.