Thanks for your enthusiasm in observing Reiki Usui! 


You find an overview of the upcoming events to observe here. 

We're looking forward to have you there!

Just sign-up via the button at the particular event and you'll receive a confirmation email for your spot.

What's an observer and when can I sign-up as one? 

When you've completed and received an alignment from Mundo Armonia for the event you'd like to observe, you can sign-up and join.

Have you done Reiki somewhere else than with Mundo Armonia?

Then you're also very welcome! To make sure we're aligned at the basis, we do request you to first observe level I before you can continue with level II.

Reiki Usui I

25 euro

confirm my spot

Reiki Usui II

35 euro

confirm my spot

We look forward to seeing you soon!

With enthusiasm and joy,

Team Mundo Armonia