Free yourself from any limiting fear!


...join this in-person Fear Liberation with José Antonio Manchado in Amsterdam and live your life in more freedom.


Yes, I want to join!

Do you recognise any, or more, of these:  

… fear of public speaking? 

… fear of flying? 

… fear of being lonely?

… fear of expressing yourself? 

… fear of being successful? 

… fear of rejection? 

… fear of spiders? 

… fear of dying? 

… fear of being yourself?

… fear of being abandoned? 

... or any other fear

Have you tried many different things to get rid of it? Or think you'll just have to accept it?

And have you been wondering how your life would be different without this fear?

Maybe you feel the time has come to free yourself? And are you curious about how? 

Yet, don't have a clue of what to do to change? Or where to start?

José Antonio Manchado has been doing fear liberations for over 10 years and will be doing an in-person Fear Liberation in Amsterdam in July. 

Are you open to new experiences that can change your life?

Then join us for a Fear Liberation. 

Yes, I want to join!

Change your perspective


Fear is the cause of many diseases or, as biologist Bruce Lipton puts it:

“The chemistry of chronic fear is the cause of the problem, if you change your vision you change the chemistry and you become empowered.” 

In this powerful workshop you have the possibility to change your vision and with that the chemistry.

Who is José Antonio Manchado? 


What has he done? Who has taught him what he's sharing?

Here are some facts and background information.


José Antonio Manchado...

... is author of the books: Be Happier than the Dalai Lama and Are you Ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness”. He is Master of Rigpa Energetic Healing, of Dharma Shamanic System, of Reiki Usui, and of ancient and modern Tibetan singing Bowls therapy and Gong therapy. 

... loves sharing what he has been learning for over more than 20 years from various teachers: Tibetan Buddhists, Zen Monks, Lamas and Aboriginals. These include teachers from around the world like Akong Rinpoche, Lama Sangye, Sogyal Rinpoche, Kalu Tseng (Tibet), Karma Dorje Senge (Nepal), Gong Master Adrey Lee (China), Jorge Diaz (Spain), and Bruce Manaka (USA). 

... has been giving workshops, courses and meditation and mental calmness retreats since 2004. In all his events he shares the practices that have helped him to live happy and free

“The fear was difficult to explain, I had it since childhood. 

I kept diminishing myself and feeling unworthy of love.

Now I'm able to feel and say:

'I am wonderful and I deserve the best!.'

practical details


What will you get?

» A relief of emotional pain and lessened or fully eliminated fears

» Powerful energetic practices led by José Antonio Manchado

» To attend the full 4 hours of a Fear Liberation workshop 


When is it?

» A new date will be announced soon.


Where is it?

The Fear Liberation will take place in Amsterdam, at a location that's easily accessible by public transport and car. 


How much is the exchange? 

» The exchange for the Fear Liberation is 50 euro. That you pay on the day itself. 


Can anyone sign-up?

» Yes, the Fear Liberation is open to anyone with any fear

» José will give his 100% and more. So, are you 100% committed to releasing the fear? Yes? Then you’ll get as much as possible out of this afternoon. 

Do you have any questions before you want to sign-up? 

Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.


Didn't find the answer you were looking for?


Or do you have another question about this event? 

Just let us know and we'll get back to you. 

Don't believe anything we say, 

just experience it for yourself!


Are you ready?

Ready to allow yourself to return to your natural state of being?

Ready and open to have a new experience?  


Yes, I'd love to join the Fear Liberation