Due to the high demand for energetic healing from José A. Manchado, we created this extraordinary healing event!

Extraordinary Massive

Group Healing


... on Friday June 28th 2024 from 14-17h in Amsterdam

... oneness practice, emotional-energy healingdiscovering the cause of a disease or challenge you're experiencing

... 3 hours live in-person with José Antonio Manchado

Yes, I want to join!

Have you tried many different things to heal?

Do you know you could feel better than you're feeling now?

Yet, you struggle with ongoing symptoms of chronic fatigue

Or, you feel drained? 

Or do you feel trapped, put in a corner with your back against the wall? 

Maybe you've been diagnosed with a chronic disease

Do you experience pain you've had for years

Is your energy low, and you can't start and finish things?

Have you heard about taking illness as an opportunity?

And you don't have a clue how? Or where to start?


José Antonio Manchado has been doing group healings for over 15 years and

is author of the book: ‘Are you ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness.


Do you want to learn from the situation you're in?

Are you open to new experiences that can change your life?


Then join Jose in this Extraordinary Massive Group Healing

Let's heal and learn together with Jose A. Manchado:
A Oneness practice where we'll all be in Oneness.

So, what's an Extraordinary Massive Group Healing? 

It's an event with many participants and everyone receives an energetic-emotional healing in a group setting with the possibility of a more individual healing in some cases.

Let's clarify: it's not possible to sign up for an individual healing, Jose Antonio will feel during the event if there is someone in the room who requires a more individual treatment.

And, what can you expect at this event?

First, drop all expectations and be open to a new experience.

Then... watch this short video to see a real life example.

Is it possible to forget what you came to heal?

Check it out here (with English subtitles): 

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Who is José Antonio Manchado? 


What has he done? Who has taught him what he's sharing?

Here are some details and background information.


José Antonio Manchado...

... is author of the books: Be Happier than the Dalai Lama and Are you Ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness”. He is Master of Rigpa Energetic Healing, of Dharma Shamanic System, of Reiki Usui, and of ancient and modern Tibetan singing Bowls therapy and Gong therapy. 

... loves sharing what he has been learning for over more than 20 years from various teachers: Tibetan Buddhists, Zen Monks, Lamas and Aboriginals. These include teachers from around the world like Akong Rinpoche, Lama Sangye, Sogyal Rinpoche, Kalu Tseng (Tibet), Karma Dorje Senge (Nepal), Gong Master Adrey Lee (China), Jorge Diaz (Spain), and Bruce Manaka (USA). 

... has been giving workshops, courses and meditation and mental calmness retreats since 2004. In all his events he shares the practices that have helped him to live happy and free

You'll experience Rigpa Energetic Healing and Dharma Shamanic System practices. All ancient Tibetan and Australian (Aboriginal) energetic practices that are pure, natural and effortless ways of healing.

practical details


What will be part of this Extraordinary Healing event? You'll be able to...

» Attend and benefit of the full 3 hours of this Extraordinary Massive Group Healing

» Experience a Oneness practice where all will be united

» Receive emotional-energy healing and guidance

» Discover the actual cause of the disease (challenge) you're experiencing


When is it?

» Friday June 28th 2024, 14 - 17h.


Where is it?

» This event will take place in ''t Zonnehuis', Zonneplein 30 Amsterdam. ’t Zonnehuis is close to the NDSM Werf, easily accessible by ferry from Amsterdam Central Station (seven minutes by bike), public transport, and car (free parking).


How much is the exchange? 

» The exchange for attending and benefiting from the Extraordinary Massive Group Healing is 75 euro per participant.  


How can I let you know about my situation?

» In the confirmation email you're asked to share your situation, challenge, disease with us by completing a short form.

» Note: it's not possible to sign up for an individual healing. If José feels during the event that's is required, you'll receive a more individual treatment.


Can anyone sign-up?

» Yes, the Extraordinary Massive Group Healing is open to anyone with illnesses or issues on an emotional, mental or physical level

» José will give his 100% and more. So, are you 100% committed to your own healing? Yes? Then you’ll get as much as possible out of this event.

» We reserve the right of admission in order to facilitate a smooth and conscious event without unnecessary interruptions.

Do you have any questions before you want to sign-up? 

Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.


Didn't find the answer you were looking for?


Or do you have another question about this event?

Just email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

Don't believe anything we say, 

just experience it for yourself!


Are you ready?

Ready to allow yourself to return to your natural state of being?

Ready and open to have a new experience?  


Yes, I'd love to join the Extraordinary Massive Group Healing