Activating the Buddha Seeds of Awakening in your Heart  


... an intensive home-study meditation course to start living in the oneness field of the heart

... ca. 12 hrs with José Antonio Manchado based on a live recorded online course  

... you can start whenever you're ready, with direct access to all the material for 2 years

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Would you like to learn how to…


experience meditation in a natural and simple way?

… use meditation as a tool for balance and peace in your life?

… meditate to generate an impact on the subconscious mind?

… live in conscious presence effortlessly?

… begin to awaken in dreams or experience lucid dreams?


Then join the this online home-study meditation course:


Activating the Buddha Seeds of Awakening in your Heart
an intensive online meditation course for living in the oneness field of the heart


Whether you consider yourself a beginner or want to start meditating with a solid, effective and undistracted foundation.

A course with José Antonio Manchado is light, goes deep and is shared with a great sense of humour.

Other participants' experiences


José Antonio Manchado says at the beginning of every course and event: 'don't believe anything I say, just experience it for yourself'.

This is the experience of previous participants.

'I feel I touched on something deeper, again…' 

- Kirsten Cornelissen

'I’ve gone much deeper than on a beginner’s course.'

- Sheila Nelstein


'I’m learning a lot from every single question. Those questions are also my questions.

This course really helped me to connect back to Life.'

- Rozita Golshan

'After activating the buddha seeds I’m liberating a lot.'

 'There’s a lightness in me that I never felt this way.


- Fari Talebi

'Going back to the basics is so useful.

It’s a constant reminder of things we easily forget in daily life.'

- Malgosia Chabrowska

'It was a pleasure to practice at home and in my natural surroundings, in my everyday reality.'

- Fleur Driessen

'It’s been really powerful and deep.'

- Martine Scheen

In this meditation course you’ll receive:

  • Keys to connecting with and living in true inner bliss
  • Principles of transparency and enlightening space
  • Blessings from Master to Student (they're still active and effective like in the live event)
  • Fundamental keys to living without being a slave of the thinking mind

'It's been so transforming, it was a breakthrough I didn't have before.

I've never been so happy in my life!' 


~ Caroline V. participant 'Activating the Buddha Seeds of Awakening in Your Heart' ~

12+ hours

A meditation course. 12 hours online to review over and over again.


Experience meditation in a natural and simple way.


Receive blessings from José Antonio Manchado.

You’ll also be exploring and experiencing...

... topics and practices like: 

  • Dissolving myths and unnecessary distractions in meditation
  • Avoiding the traps that most people who meditate fall into
  • Understanding the ego system and the separate self and begin to free yourself from this
  • Creating a foundation on which to start living free of fear
  • Shamanic meditation practices with nature

Forget everything you know, or think you know, about meditation.

Have a beginner's mind.

home study course

€ 270,-

with 2 years access

consisting of 5 parts:

  • Seeing is understanding
  • Activating the Buddha Seeds
  • Watering the Seeds
  • Understanding Oneness and Duality
  • Taking care of the Garden
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Who is José Antonio Manchado?

What has he done? And who has taught him what he's teaching? 


José Antonio Manchado...  

... is author of the books: Be Happier than the Dalai Lama and Are you Ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness”. He is Master of Rigpa Energetic Healing, of Dharma Shamanic System, of Reiki Usui, and of ancient and modern Tibetan singing Bowls therapy and Gong therapy. 


... loves sharing what he has been learning for over more than 20 years from various teachers: Tibetan Buddhists, Zen Monks, Lamas and Aboriginals. These include teachers from around the world like Akong Rinpoche, Lama Sangye, Sogyal Rinpoche, Kalu Tseng (Tibet), Karma Dorje Senge (Nepal), Gong master Adrey Lee (China), Jorge Diaz (Spain), and Bruce Manaka (USA). 


... has been helping thousands of people with his workshops, courses and retreats for meditation and mental calmness since 2004. In all his events he shares the practices that have helped him to live happy and free

This, right here, could be a gateway to inner peace and new horizons.

 practical details


What will you get?

» 12 hour meditation course led and guided by José Antonio Manchado

» access for 2 years to this live recorded course with students

» inclusive of questions from students, each question allows José to elaborate and go deeper

» an opportunity to keep on reviewing the course, practice and integrate


When and where is it?

» You can start this home study course straight away or whenever suits you.

» You can access the course via an online login-page or via an app (on your mobile or tablet).  


How much is the exchange? 

» The exchange for this course is €270


Can anyone attend? 

» Are you curious and open to learn something new? Yes? Then you can join and will get as much as possible out of the experience.

» No previous experience is required.  

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Don't believe anything we say, 

just experience it for yourself!


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