Be at peace


new times 

... on Friday October 14th

... simple meditations to use on a daily basis 

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Are you experiencing a lot of stress and uncertainty in these times?

Are you easily caught up in your thoughts?

Or do you think about what may happen

Are you sure you know what's going to happen tomorrow, or in a minute?

Life isn't about knowing.

It's about feeling.

Would you like to let go of going round in circles in your head, relax and just be in the moment?

This is where meditation can help.

As José Antonio Manchado says: 'True meditation is: just sit down and feel'.

Sounds simple, right?

Yet sometimes it just seems a hard thing to do. 

Can you use some help to be in the 'here and now'?  


You can now join us for a live guided meditation workshop with Heidi van Herpen in Amsterdam.

And... be open to new experiences that can change your life.

Ready to bring back simplicity to your life?


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When you regularly practice meditation…

... it doesn't even have to be for a long time each day... 

It'll help your body to:
regulate your blood pressure
improve your digestion
sleep better
reduce muscle and joint pains
brings you in a better mood
boosts your immune system

In this Be at peace in new times workshop you'll be able to practice simple meditations that'll have these benefits for you.

You'll learn how to easily integrate them in your daily life

You don't need any props. It’s totally natural. And for all ages

So, you're at the right place.

'I fell in love with the simplicity of these teachings and practices'

YES, I'd love to join!

The benefits go on...


... as you'll not only experience physical improvements, meditation will also have an impact mentally.


It'll help you to:

be more emotionally stable

enhance your creativity in all areas

decrease anxiety

develop your intuition

boost your happiness

experience more mental clarity.

Simple and very efficient practices to take home.

So you can apply them every day.

Who is Heidi van Herpen?  


Heidi's been a student of José Antonio Manchado for over 9 years and assists him in all of his events since 2015.


She has experience in guiding hundreds of clients in energetic healing, using her experiences with and from José. 


On top of that her background of being an actress, working as drama teacher in theaters, clown studies, laughter yoga will definitely bring the humor and lightness that'll help you to open up, to let go, and to heal.


You can call her a therapist. She likes to be introduced as:
* helping herself and others to be free, healthy and happy
* applying all the energetic modalities Mundo Armonia offers with a smile in her heart
* sharing meditations and conscious tools that she has experienced and learned from José Antonio Manchado herself


Heidi'll be giving the conscious practices and meditations that will bring back your joy of living. Just like they did to her.

Heidi continues sharing the basic meditations that José Antonio Manchado has shared for years.


They've helped her and many others to have more peace of mind and to become more conscious.

YES, I'd love to join!

practical details


What will you get?

» A guided meditation workshop from Heidi van Herpen of 2 hours

» Simple meditation practices to take home and use on a daily basis, for:

    - letting go and releasing

    - going from the mind to your heart

    - being in acceptance

    - connecting with your Inner Being

    - gratitude and appreciation 

» Each event is different: new moment, different meditations


When and where is it?

» This event will be on Friday October 14th from 19.00 till 21.00h

» It will take place at 'De Ruimte', Weesperzijde 79A Amsterdam. This location is easily accessible by public transport and car (note: with Amsterdam parking fees!).


What to bring?

» To make sure the changes you'll experience will last, bring a notebook to write down the practices. This way you'll have a reference when applying them in your everyday life.


How much is the exchange? 

» The exchange for this workshop is 30 euro - to pay on the day itself. 


In which language is it?

» Depending on the participants, this day will be in English or Dutch. If it's in English and you're more comfortable speaking Dutch, that's totally fine.


Can anyone attend? 

» Are you 100% committed to open yourself and learn something new? Yes? Then you can join and will get as much as possible out of the experience.

» You don’t have to have any previous experience.

You can only serve one master.

The one of love or the one of fear...

It's up to you to choose.

Do you have any questions before you want to sign-up? 

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Don't believe anything we say, 

just experience it for yourself!


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