Complimentary online gathering 

... everything meditation year course related with José Antonio Manchado

... Wednesday November 22nd, 2023

... at 20h CET for ca. 1,5hrs

You may have witnessed the remarkable changes in our 'A Year of Freedom: Awake & Conscious' meditation course participants or heard José Antonio Manchado's highlight the profound impact.


Here are the heartfelt words of a participant from the previous year course editions, where she beautifully expresses her experience:


            'This course, for me, is a gem, not only for the opportunity to access so many practices, meditations, healings, and everything that José shares with us, but also because I can do it from home.


           It's truly a blessing to be able to access it and go at my own pace, integrating the teachings and experiencing them in my own time, being my own guide, knowing that the guidance is there for any questions.' 

           ~ Patricia Guillén


The wonderful news is, there's even more to come!


We are delighted to announce that the meditation year course's level II will start in January 2024:


Total Freedom


Since we've been receiving a lot of questions about both the level I and level II courses, we invite you to a complimentary online gathering with José Antonio on November 22nd, 2023. 


We encourage you to join this event; it's your chance to get answers to all your queries and uncertainties regarding Mundo Armonia's meditation courses. Whether you're new to level I, considering level II, or even pondering other questions, we're here to guide you.


Questions like...

- Wondering how to join Level I? We'll provide all the details you need.

- Completed Level I but unsure if you're ready for Level II? Let's address your concerns and explore the next steps.

- Curious to know if there will be another live version of Level II in 2025? We'll share our plans

- Take this opportunity to explore the transforming experiences waiting for you in the year meditation courses. 

- Planning to start the home study Level I course now and also wanting to do Level II live? We'll discuss the possibilities.


Now, let's delve into the practical details of this opportunity:


Date: Join us on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023, at 20h CET, and expect the event to last approximately 1,5 hours.

Location: This gathering will take place online, via Zoom with cameras turned on to facilitate interaction.

Exchange: This event comes to you at no cost. It's our complimentary offering to you.

RSVP: Secure your spot by clicking here to register and receive the Zoom link plus the recording the day after. It's as simple as that!

yes, I want to register for November 22nd

We look forward to seeing you then!


"I won't be able to attend the live session. What can I do?"

No worries! You can simply sign-up for the event. We'll be recording it and sharing the replay link with everyone who signed up the day after. This way you'll have a full 2 days to access the recording.


Together, we'll explore possibilities, more consciousness, and inner guidance.



With enthusiasm & joy,

Team Mundo Armonia



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