A year of freedom: awake & conscious


... one-year live online course in meditation and transformative practices with José Antonio Manchado!


First session: Tuesday January 17th at 19h CET

All 18 live sessions throughout the year are on Tuesdays at 19h CET

Yes, I want to join!

Is inner peace your #1 priority? If not, how about making it your priority in every situation?

Would you like to experience more joy, happiness and well-being?

Are you curious about the transformative conscious practices José Antonio Manchado shares?

Would you like to learn practices to dream lucidly and heal the mind while you’re sleeping?

Get to know yourself? Deepen the connection with yourself? And with nature?

Dedicate yourself to a full year of practicing meditation?

Then, you can now join this complete live online one-year meditation course

in which you’ll be able to learn how to live a truly conscious, free and peaceful life:

A year of freedom: awake & conscious 


And... allow yourself to have new experiences that can change your life.

I trust José.
He has changed my life, I trust life more and more, and I always want to continue meditating.
I'm less and less afraid and more and more willing to let go of suffering and to enjoy life.
- Miguel Angel Rivero Quintana

In this course you'll learn tools and practices...


... to be present and mindful

... to increase your confidence and faith in life

... to live free and without fear

... to consciously inquire yourself

... to forgive yourself and others

... to let go of control

… to heal your inner child



This is not all. You'll also learn...
... dynamic meditations for daily life
… reality shifting meditations
… practices for healing the past
… meditations to connect deeply with nature


And, there's more, you can go beyond with...
… transformative energetic meditations
… energetic blessings
… powerful and transformative mantras

And last but not least there’ll be…
… practices for lucid dreaming and healing the mind while you sleep
advanced practices with an initiation, called Siddhis
… and more!

A sense of humour is the best medicine.

- José Antonio Manchado


Learn meditations and conscious practices from José Antonio Manchado during 50+ hours of live online meetings.


Practice what you've learned for a month in your daily life and notice what changes.


Integrate these transformative practices fully by reviewing and resolving any doubts during the check-in meetings. 

So, what will change with this course?

If you’re applying the teachings you’ll experience benefits during and after the course, like more…
confidence and security 
freedom and less fear 
joy, happiness and well-being
awareness and presence 
calm and peace of mind 
health and healing 
energy and motivation 
inspiration and creativity 
lucidity and a sense of fulfilment

In addition, you'll feel a remarkable difference between 'before and after'.

How does that sound?

That sounds wonderful, I'd love to join!

Other participants' experiences


José Antonio Manchado says at the beginning of every course and event: 'don't believe anything I say, just experience it for yourself'.

This is the experience of participants of the previous edition.

'The structure of the course gives a fundament to wake up every day to learn. It touches me a lot that life gives me every day a new chance to see with new eyes. I learn to be (human).

The softness and loving guidance of José and life makes me more gentle to everything, especially myself, which gives lots of space to be.'

- Linnet van der Wal

'I am that emptiness that is created when I meditate and, as I feel that space, it's as if life is telling me welcome home :)'.

- Maria Marlene Cabrera


'I now connect so much more to my inner being, and have much more awareness of when I'm not (or less) connected.

I love having the tools to plug back in easily. There’s so much more joy and peace in me.

I can now create stillness and space wherever I am.'

- Marjolein Hermans

'A year of recognising my True Self.'

- Roksana Golshan

'The biggest change has been the experience of my inner peace, the encounter and enjoyment of being with myself and respecting and loving myself.

The comprehension of many things, such as the line between self-demand and discipline where the appreciation of the teachings is shown.'

- Patricia Guillén

'A clear, organic, simple and very effective way.

I feel the experience with each tool in a precise and direct way and it doesn't require any strenuous effort on my part.

It comes naturally.'

- Idaira Moya

'It is just so so beautiful that we are offered these practices to be truly free

The fact that there is a routine helps me so much to continue practicing, my dedication to this path is growing and growing.

So much has changed, I start to feel my inner being, at times being completely one with it.

There is so much love. And to experience (not as a concept as I did for many years) that nothing is needed from the world in order to feel that love brings me to tears.

Overwhelmed by beauty, by silence, by the silent voice that I start to feel talking.

At times I am in the space and I feel it is taking me by the hand in every moment…'

- Irene Sportel 

 Be open to discover yourself. 

practical details


What will you get?

» A complete one-year meditation course in which you'll be able to learn how to live a truly conscious, free and peaceful life

» 12 live online monthly sessions for 3-hours with José Antonio Manchado to master the art of meditation and live consciously and fully

» In each session you’ll receive practices and keys to practice during the whole month, together with a weekly schedule of meditations and conscious practices. This way you’ll be able to integrate them to the fullest

» Plus 6 separate live online sessions of approximately 2 hours to review and resolve any doubts you may have throughout the year.

When is it?

» The year 2023. The live sessions are on Tuesdays. Starting on January 17th end ending with the last session on December 19th 2023. Check the frequently asked questions for all the dates. You'll receive all the dates of the live sessions upon registration

» All session start at 19.00h CET (Amsterdam time)

Where is it?

» The sessions are held live online via Zoom only.

How much is the exchange? 

» The investment for this one year course is 970 euro. It's possible to pay in 12 monthly installments of 95 euro or in 2 half yearly installments of 570 euro.


Will there be a replay?

Just like during an in-person course you’re asked to fully commit and to being present*.

*If you miss a session, you’ll get access to the recording for 2 days after the session with a maximum of 3x during the course.

NOTE: Initiations will only be shared during the live online meetings. Twice per year José will share the previously missed initiations. So there's always an opportunity to receive them.


Can anyone join?

» Yes, the course is open to everyone. With or without any previous experience. You’ll start with the basics and will go deeper step by step.

» José will give his 100% and more. So, are you 100% committed to be open, do the practices and meditations during the whole month? Yes? Then you’ll get as much as possible out of this transformative course.

» You're required to join the Zoom session in video mode with a working camera

The best way to practice is:

with joy and without effort.

Who is José Antonio Manchado? 


What has he done? Who has taught him what he's teaching?

Here are some details and background information.


José Antonio Manchado...


... is author of the books: Be Happier than the Dalai Lama and Are you Ill? Congratulations! Discover the opportunity in illness”. He is Master of Rigpa Energetic Healing, of Dharma Shamanic System, of Reiki Usui, and of ancient and modern Tibetan singing Bowls therapy and Gong therapy. 


... loves sharing what he has been learning for over more than 20 years from various teachers: Tibetan Buddhists, Zen Monks, Lamas and Aboriginals. These include teachers from around the world like Akong Rinpoche, Lama Sangye, Sogyal Rinpoche, Kalu Tseng (Tibet), Karma Dorje Senge (Nepal), Gong master Adrey Lee (China), Jorge Diaz (Spain), and Bruce Manaka (USA). 


... has been giving workshops, courses and retreats for meditation and mental calmness since 2004. In all his events he shares the practices that have helped him to live happy and free

Meditate twenty minutes everyday,

unless you're too busy;

then meditate for an hour.


- Zen proverb


payment options 


You can pay each month, in 2 half-year payments or in-one-go for the whole year. 

one time payment

€ 970,-


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2 half year payments

€ 570,-


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12 monthly payments

€ 95,-


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Do you have any questions before you want to sign-up? 


Or do you have another question about this course?

Just email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

Don't believe anything we say, 

just experience it for yourself!


Are you ready to allow yourself and to be open to a new experience?  


Yes, I’m open to what life will bring me this year!